When carers contribute to the physical and mental well-being of residents, facilities score better on their inspections.

How to improve the self esteem and well-being of your staff and clients through partaking in activities.

Due to Inspection requirements and subsequent political debate it is clear that some changes need to be implemented within the care system.

It is recognised that in order to make changes this requires time, extra effort and money, all of which are in short supply in this field of work.

At Vivalo, we have many years experience of ‘going through’ the inspection process and are only too aware of how this can affect the self esteem of staff. Between us we have fifty years experience of working in the field of care and education and would welcome the opportunity to pass on our knowledge and ideas. We see the training as a supportive exercise, giving encouragement to staff to enhance the skills they often undervalue in themselves. We believe that by working with care organisations we can help to increase staff motivation and skills complementing the work of the employer.

Vivalo provides the training needed by staff who are committed to enhancing the quality of life enjoyed by people in their care. Emphasis will be put on meeting social and emotional needs and the increase of self-esteem.
Vivalo provides training sessions for carers in all sections of the community. The sessions will cover areas including; daily living skills, expressive art and craft, movement, life history work, music, drama, accessing community facilities and massage.

The service may be bought as a programme of 15 hours, i.e. 5 sessions or by individual sessions of 3 hours each, according to need.